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I think a recipe review is totally in order after what happened at last nights dinner.

Last night. I cooked, and ate. The most. AMAZING chicken AND homemade ranch!

Magical Food

Magical Food

Ok, well to be fair, I made the ranch and the dredge. The boy made the actual chicken and veggies. But still! He even liked my home-made mayo that turned into home-made ranch that he LOVED! He never really even ate ranch before me so to transition from none to store-bought to homemade and paleo is an impressive feat!

Allow me to pause for a brief history of me and ranch. I’m southern. It’s more city southern, but it’s still southern. So ranch is a staple in my diet. If it wasn’t for ranch I wouldn’t have eaten a single thing in school. I’m not joking it went on everything. Ranch and pizza, ranch and corn, ranch and mashed potatoes, ranch and meatloaf, the list seriously goes on for days but I will spare you because you’re smart, and get the idea. Ranch.

I think you can guess what’s comin first.

New Found Love!

New Found Love!

The ranch recipe actually starts off having you make your own Paleo mayo. Don’t be intimidated, it took me two tries to get right. This video from Nom Nom Paleo helped me get it right that second try. Remember you’re only using the egg yolk, and stir in the olive oil slowly. I did add onion and garlic powder as well when I made the mayo, the boy and I have a shared deep love of garlic and onion so it made sense.

Then turning the mayo into ranch is as easy as adding 2 more TBS of lemon juice, and 1 TBS of dried dill. Simple enough even for me! I thought about adding some paprika into the ranch but wanted to give it a try as is with the chicken. I think for the next batch, which is coming so seriously extremely soon, I will use only 1 more TBS of lemon juice, and add that paprika in.

Now the glorious chicken!

Prepped and on the way to the oven!

Prepped and on the way to the oven!

This recipe comes from a guest blog post, written by Cassy from Fed And Fit, posted on Stupid Easy Paleo. The actual Recipe can be found here.

I won’t go over the full recipe since the original writers said it best, however here are my thoughts.


Dippin' it up

Dippin’ it up


This chicken was AMAZING! Hands down worth making again, and again. I will tell you this recipe calls for pork rinds. Please don’t let that scare you off if you aren’t that into them. Neither me nor the boy had really eaten pork rinds before, and when he tried one out of the bag I thought for sure he was gonna walk out on me.

After the chicken is dredged, coated and cooked I promise you won’t even remember what it’s coated with. The rinds are mainly for crunch and add a new level or depth to the flavor without actually being noticeable. If you just can’t do it with the rinds you can switch them out for some high quality bread crumbs, but doing that it will no longer be considered Paleo.  I’m sure there are other alternatives out there as well.

With that said, you need this chicken in your life. Especially if you are interested in Paleo, new to Paleo, or an ole pro.

Who’s gonna give this a try? Let me know what your thoughts were in the comments, or any modifications you make!



P.S. An update, all of my coworkers tried my ranch and then hounded me for the recipe, so get this food into your life, they did. Lol.