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Alright, I’m about half way through using/trying the things I got at Whole Foods the other day. I figured I would let you know my thoughts so far!

The glass coffee tumbler is AWESOME! and Adorable. If you follow me on Instagram (J_Munchkin) you already know it’s been featured in a few pictures. I love it. The coffee inside my super cool tumbler has been equally AMAZING! This morning I heated up my coconut milk in the microwave for about 20 seconds before adding it to my coffee.

The first day I made the coffee (read yesterday) I had a few clumps of coconut milk that didn’t mix well. I assumed it’s because I’m drinking iced coffee. Micro-waving the coconut milk took away that issue completely and it blended perfectly today.

I really enjoy using the maple syrup instead of sugar. It sweetens the coffee without covering up the coffee taste. That was always a problem I had with regular creamers and sugar. The vanilla extract cuts the bitter bite, the maple syrup sweetens and the coconut milk makes it so smooth! These were all extremely worth it buys in my book.

As of this morning I’ve only eaten two of my Lara bars. The Banana Bread and the Blueberry Muffin. They are both pretty good flavors, it’s very interesting that the bars have dates to sweeten and hold them together. I had never eaten a date before Lara bars. I’m really excited to try the two Peanut Butter flavors. I’m saving the Epic bar for last, as I am expecting it to be game changingly epic.

That’s about all I’ve got going on today. How is your Wednesday going?