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I have literally been to Whole Foods everyday this week! I’ve been to Trader Joe’s three times. I promise it wasn’t the plan! My coworker decided she had to have me grocery shop with her, and since I love grocery shopping, Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s I happily obliged.

I hadn’t planned on trying one certain thing on my list just yet, but I figured since I’m at Whole Foods anyways it only makes sense to jump the gun. Wednesday, guys, I had my very first Kombucha. Then yesterday one of my Best friends ever decided she wanted me to go grocery shopping with her too! You can only imagine where we ended up right? Which resulted in my second Kombucha ever.

Are you ready for this next bit? I finished my coffee growler this morning, and printed off coupons yesterday (that I forgot to take with me, of course) so that means that I will be at Whole Foods AGAIN today after work! I am by no means complaining, I just think it’s pretty hilarious. The people who work there are going to know me by name very very soon.

I don’t know if I am going to use all of my coupons just yet, or save them for my next Haul. I am definitely going to refill my growler though because this coffee has been pretty glorious. I plan on posting an update from the last haul and a review of my Kombuchas after work, when I can post some pictures. In the meantime go check out the pics I put up on Instagram to hold you over. Because I know you’re shaking with anticipation. 😉