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So as I mentioned last post, I went to Whole Foods after work today, again. The boy went with me this time and was very excited to discover that he could buy a beer and drink it while we shopped. As well as learning that they do beer and food tastings every friday, which looked awesome. They also have some cheese event coming up that sounds yummy.

 Because its cheese that’s why.

First a quick Lara bar update, The Peanut Butter and Jelly flavor is AMAZINGLY AWESOME AND DELICIOUS! Absolutely my favorite flavor so far and I seriously need to just go out and buy the biggest box I can find. Tomorrow I will finally be trying my Epic bar and I couldn’t be more excited.

Anyway, this post is dedicated to my newly budding addiction to Kombucha. I have now had three Kombuchas in the past three days, including today, and that makes me very happy. The brand I bought and tried is G.T.’s Kombucha the first I grabbed was the citrus which was pretty good and probably would have been better if I had read the bottle and NOT SHAKEN the Kombucha!!! Seriously, if you are about to try some don’t shake the bottle!!! The guy at Whole Foods told us that they have actually seen bottles explode, like glass breaking explode. A Little tip I got from the lovely and friendly @LivingLovingPaleo (Instagram, you should definitely check out her awesome pictures) is that about half way through drinking you can give it a light shake or two and get the floaty bits mixed in better without risking, you know, Kabloomie.

My first Kombucha!!

My first Kombucha!!

The second flavor I tried was Guava, and that one was delicious!! I went with the citrus first because it had less sugar, but even still the highest amount of sugar I saw was the Mango at 10 grams which is not bad at all. I think the Guava is my favorite at the moment. It had a very pink flavor, and that is the absolute best way I can describe it.

Guava and Citrus! Such pretty labeling.

Guava and Citrus! Such pretty labeling.

Ok so I’m going to try to describe what Kombucha tastes like for you all and hopefully you will be adventurous and give it a try. I was kind of nervous to try it myself because I just really didn’t know what to expect, and I don’t know anyone who had even heard of it let alone tried it haha. First what it is, Kombucha is a fermented tea drink that is packed tight with naturally occurring electrolytes, antioxidants and probiotics. It’s definitely a good tummy drink! It might take you a couple of gulps to acquire the taste but trust me you do acquire the taste and you will be happy for it! It can have a vinegary smell and taste to it and feels very bubbly while drinking, kind of like a healthy pop, or soda depending on your region.

The flavor I am currently drinking is the Trilogy which has some lemon juice and some other things I can’t remember right now (I’ll go look at the bottle in a few minutes.) This one is tasty as well, although I still think Guava takes the cake for me. If you are going to give this stuff a try I would suggest starting with the Guava because it has a bit of a sweet taste to it and the least amount of vinegary taste.

Fitting my 3rd would be Trilogy.

Fitting my 3rd would be Trilogy.

That’s about all I have for now, I’ll update this post later and make it more streamlined, at the moment I am tired and procrastinating helping the boy reupholster the boat. Oh yeah you heard me right, he bought a boat. Go check out Breaking Out Of The Middle to get the full scoop on that hoopla.

Drop me a line in the comments, have you tried Kombucha? What are your favorite flavors or brands? Anyone thinking of trying it? Has anyone tried kefir? That’s another thing on my list so any tips or descriptions of flavor is appreciated!